Maurizio Goina

Maurizio Goina is a researcher in Sound and Music Computing, and an audio-visual composer.

He holds a Master of Audio-Visual Composition from the School of Music and New Technologies - Conservatory of Trieste, Italy.

For 20 years he was a viola player in the orchestra of the Fondazione Teatro Lirico Giuseppe Verdi in Trieste, Italy.

Since 2008 he is engaged in the development of the system EGGS (Elementary Gestalts for Gesture Sonification) for gesture sonification, together with Pietro Polotti and with the collaboration of Sarah Taylor.
He worked as a researcher for the project "Gestualità | Suono | Rappresentazione" (Gesture | Sound | Representation) at the School of Music and New Technologies of the Conservatory Giuseppe Tartini, Trieste.
In the autumn 2013 he was a visiting researcher at the Sound and Music Computing Group of the department "Tal, Musik och Hörsel" at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, where he worked on the project "Enhancing the features and the usability of the Elementary Gestalts for Gesture Sonification system (EGGS)", funded by a grant from the Fondazione Lerici in Stockholm.
From January 2014 to June 2015 he was a guest researcher in the Sound and Music Computing Team at the Department of Media Technology and Interaction Design at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm.
From November 2014 to June 2015 he worked as a researcher for the Gynoïdes Project at the University of Dance and Circus, that is part of the University of the Arts - Stockholm.

He is co-author of papers presented at the following conferences, the "New Interfaces for Musical Expression" (NIME) 2008 and 2011, the "International Computer Music Conference" and the "Sound and Music Computing" (ICMC-SMC) 2014, the Sound and Music Computing Sweden (SMC Sweden) 2014, and the "Colloquio di Musica Informatica" (CIM) 2008 and 2010.

His audio-visual compositions and interactive performances were presented at events such as are:
"International Computer Music Conference" (ICMC) 2005 in Barcelona - Spain and in 2012 in Ljubljana - Slovenia, the international festival of contemporary music "MANCA" in the 2005 in Nice - France, "Asolo International Film Festival" in 2005 in Asolo - Italy, "Antimatter" Underground Film Festival in 2006 in Victoria - Canada, the art and electronic music festival "Spark" in 2006 in Minneapolis - USA, the festival of electronic art "404" in 2008 in Trieste, the "Colloquio di Musica Informatica" in Venice in 2008, in Turin in 2010 and Trieste in 2012, the international conference "New Interfaces for Musical Expression" (NIME) in Genoa in 2008 and in Oslo in 2011, the 2008 "Mestre Film Festival" in Mestre, the "Sound and Music Computing Conference" (SMC) in Barcelona in 2010, the international festival of video art "Catodica" in 2010 in Trieste, the Contemporary Music and Visual Arts Festival "Reclaiming the Past, Regaining the Real festival // beta version" in Athens in 2012, the dance film festival Loikka 2013 Helsinki, the Women in Circus Consortium 2013 Stockholm, the symposium and festival for artistic research "Tacit or loud" 2014 in Malmö.

In 2011 his electroacoustic composition "Di-visi" was published in the 5th CD of the "Punti di ascolto" series dedicated to the production of Italian Electroacoustic Music, published by CEMAT.

In 2007 he won the Premio Nazionale delle Arti - section electronic music and new technologies. In 2008 he won the first prize ex aequo, free theme section of the Video Competition "Francesco Pasinetti" in Venice. In 2009 he was selected to "Les Concours Internationaux de Bourges", France - section music for dance and theater.

In 2009 he taught "Techniques for video composition and editing" at the Conservatory of Genoa. Also, he taught at the workshop "Natural Sonic Walking" of the Summer School "Embodied Sound and Music" held in conjunction with SMC 2011 at the University of Padua. In 2013 he held a seminar at the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, where he presented his research on sonification. in 2015 he was guest lecturer in the "Musical communication and music technology" master degree course at KTH.